The future of Bike Fitter Supply

Our road map through 2022 and beyond

Phase 1 - uS Launch

Q3 2021 - US LAUNCH

BFS launched in the US in 2021, with products available from gebioMized, MotionMetriq, Purely Custom, Steve Hogg wedges, STT, Velo Atelier and Verve Cycling. These brands offer most of the tools required to set up a fit studio, along with power meters, wedges, saddles and custom steel frames.

Q4 2021 - Expand US offering

Through the launch of PUSH insoles by gebioMized, and BFS becoming a reseller of FSA, the product range expanded to include 90% of products commonly used by fitters. Form also registered to sell their wedges in the US, while Coefficient, Silca and FitKit will be adding products soon. Further brands and products are in discussions.

Phase 2 - EU Expansion

Q1 2022 - adding EU brands

With some products not available outside the US, BFS' plans for 2022 start with finding alternative options for EU customers.

With the addition of European brands like Gait and Motion, and Cyclefit, our product range will expand significantly in Europe. Deda have also agreed to list product later in 2022.

Q2 2022 - explore up-sell products

After finding offerings for all major product lines, the next round of brands will add peripheral products like lubricants, cleaners, multi-tools and storage.

BFS' main objective is to ensure fitters are profitable and have access to everything they need in one place. Accessories will help significantly with that.

Q2-Q3 2022 - eu fulfilment centre

One of the biggest difficulties with sourcing bike fitting equipment is shipping costs and import duties for bulky and expensive items. By establishing an EU fulfilment centre to carry stock for non-EU brands, BFS will ensure customers receive faster service and cheaper shipping.

Phase 3 - Southeast Asian Expansion

Q3-Q4 2022 - add asian brands

With some products not available outside the US or EU, BFS' plans for the second half of 2022 will focus on finding alternative options for Asian customers.

BFS is already in discussions with some brands in the region, and is seeking additional partners for the future.

Q4 2022 - explore up-sell products

Across the BFS platform the priorities for product offerings follow the same three stages: The first step is to establish a range of options for tools and equipment required to set up and run a fit studio.

Secondly, we want to work with brands who offer common replacement parts required during a fit, such as bars, stems, and saddles.

The final stage focuses on up-sell brands that help ensure customers are able to easily run a profitable fit studio.

Q4 2022/Q1 2023 - fulfilment centre

As with our plans for the EU, BFS is working towards establishing an Asian fulfilment centre to carry stock for non-Asian brands. This will ensure customers receive faster service and cheaper shipping across more of the world.

If you'd like to work with us a fulfilment partner, please get in touch.



Yes, if you can view the products, you can buy them. Any geo-restricted product will be invisible in countries where they aren’t available.

If you buy products not shipped from your region, you should expect slightly longer delivery times, shipping that’s a little more expensive and to potentially pay import duties upon delivery.


Definitely! If there’s a supplier you like working with and you’d love them to be available on BFS, let us know and we’ll do our best to bring them onboard.


In the first instance, the three regions mentioned are our main focus, but if there’s a potential market outside these areas, get in touch to discuss what we can do. There might be simple ways for us to fulfil orders, or potential partners we can work with to help.


In Europe we’re already finalising an agreement with a partner, but if you’re based in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, then we’d love to hear from you.

For other regions, there may be some potential to work together as well, so please reach out and start the conversation.

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