Registration and FAQ

Who (or what) is Bike Fitter Supply?

Bike Fitter Supply, or BFS for short, is a new B2B website aimed at bike fitters. It’s a multivendor platform, which means you can buy from multiple suppliers all in the same place.

When you place an item in your basket, you’ll see that it’s supplied directly from the manufacturer in most cases.

It’s not just equipment to set up your fit studio either, we also sell consumables to help you provide a better service; everything from handlebars and bar tape to insoles and saddles.

registering for an account

1 - sign up

You can sign up using the link at the bottom of this section, but keep reading to make sure you follow the full process. Signing up will give you a standard account, meaning you'll only have access to certain products. To get access to everything, and wholesale pricing for resale goods, you'll need a wholesale account.

2 - apply for wholesale status

Once you've signed up and logged in, you'll be taken to your "My Account" page. In the middle of that page will be a wholesale button to allow you to apply for a wholesale account.
This step is optional, and you can skip all further steps if you don't want to buy any products for resale.

3 - send us your documents

US - we'll need a current copy of your reseller license and proof of insurance.

Rest of the world - we'll need proof of insurance covering the sale of products. These document don't have to be in English but we may request a translation of key parts.

4 - account review

Once we've manually checked your documents and ensured you're good to go, we'll upgrade your account type to wholesale. This normally takes less than 1 working day from when your documents are submitted but may take a little longer during extremely busy periods.


What does multivendor mean?

Multivendor means you’re not just buying from one person. The products on our site are listed from lots of different vendors and often shipped directly from the manufacturer.

As a small industry we think it’s really important that we work to support all the companies that have supported bike fitting over the years. BFS is truly a company made for bike fitters by bike fitters.

How quickly will my order arrive?

It’s up to you. You’re in complete control of your shipping. If you want it quickly, you can select a next-day or 2-day service. If you want to keep costs down, simply select the cheapest option. All options are provided by trusted shipping partners like UPS and FedEx, with live shipping quotes appearing automatically in your cart so you know exactly what you’ll pay.

Why can't I see all the brands listed on the homepage?

Some brands are only available in certain countries, so the products you see are specific to your region. This helps us keep shipping costs down and provide great solutions for every customer, no matter where they’re based.

Will my order arrive in multiple boxes?

If you’ve ordered from multiple vendors, then your order may arrive in multiple boxes as they’re coming from different places. Sometimes you’ll get products from multiple vendors within a single box if your order comes through one of our fulfilment centres.

What is a fulfilment centre?

We work with select partners in the US and Europe to help provide quicker and cheaper shipping options. For example, some of our US brands hold stock in our European fulfilment centre, meaning that when European fitters place orders the items are shipped from within the EU, keeping costs down, and speeding up shipping.

Why should I buy through BFS?

Ordering from multiple suppliers in one place is a huge time saver and because you’re buying from multiple vendors, you’re supporting the whole industry not just a single company. Our commissions are also lower than traditional distributors, helping vendors pass on their best prices!

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