Power to Tablet Upgrade Kit

Power to Tablet Upgrade Kit

This Power to Tablet Upgrade Kit allows for power to run to the tablet for continuous power and charging.  No more worries when you forget to charge your tablet.  Don’t risk discovering a dead tablet when you get ready to do your next fit.

Replacement Bolts

Replacement Bolts for the Fit Bike Handle Bar Clamp and Saddle Clamp

We’ve put together this pack of replacement bolts so you can keep your Purely Custom Fit Bike performing well and avoid the possibility of any down time.  We’ve included one bolt for the handle bar clamp and another for the saddle clamp.  These black oxide bolts are durable however over time they may corrode when exposed to excess sweat from a rider.

This pack includes one of each of the following:
• M6-1.0x50mm Black Oxide Socket Head Cap Screw
• M5-0.8x30mm Black Oxide Button Head Cap Screw

Replacement Chainring

Replacement Chainring

This Replacement Chainring is a 60t chainring and is CNC machined in anodized black aluminum and engineered precisely for our Fit Bike Pro 1.

Handlebar Mount Replacement Kit

Handlebar Mount Replacement Kit

This Handlebar Mount Replacement Kit is designed for all of our Purely Custom Fit Bikes.  Over time the handlebar mount may be worn or damaged during frequent use and this provides a way to upgrade the whole part.  This handlebar Replacement Kit comes with spacers to properly calibrate the replacement handlebar mount.

gebioMized Sleak 145 (V-shape)

The saddle is key to peak performance on the bike. That’s were gebioMized Sleak comes into play. Aiming primarily at cyclists who prefer riding on a rather flat saddle, Sleak quickly made some very powerful friends in the peloton. Available in two shapes for different loading types, it allows riders to choose the saddle best suited for their needs. And although Sleak was developed particularly with the male pelvis anatomy in mind, our experience so far shows that it also suits some female riders with narrow pelvic shapes. Because after all, finding the right saddle is an individual matter that experienced bike fitters worldwide are trained for.

gebioMized Stride TT/Tri saddle

We heard you! Already during the first test rides of our saddles Sleak and Area the athletes asked one question again and again: “Will you also offer a triathlon saddle?” gebioMized Stride is not only our answer to this question, but also to the basic problems of triathletes and time trial riders – especially when it comes to the really long races – and of course training for them. Because the Stride was not only developed to minimize the unpopular “shifting”, i.e. the continuous sliding forward on the saddle and having to push oneself actively back again. Thanks to its special shape it also allows for two different riding positions with the same bike set-up. Especially long-distance triathletes know how valuable this feature can be. And because we know that different athletes perceive pressure differently Stride will be available in two densities.

Steve Hogg Heel Wedge

These heel wedges are designed by Steve.  The vast majority of riders need some degree of wedging so that their feet, ankles, knees and hips align well during the pedaling action.  Humans have not evolved to maintain a fixed relationship for long periods with an apparatus like a bicycle, and oftentimes help is necessary to assure optimal alignment during the thousands of repetitions of the pedaling action.  First and foremost, Steve recommends that you use heel wedges in conjunction with arch support.

With arch support in place, a majority of riders will need from 0 – 3 wedges on each side with only a tiny minority needing more than this.  You will need to experiment to determine the best number for you and it may be a different number on each side. The average is 3 wedges per rider in total, though individual cases vary widely.  Our heel wedges are made from plastics that are free of heavy metals.

Why heel wedges?

  • Our research indicates that 70% of rides need heel wedging; either alone or in combination with cleat wedges.
  • No need for non-standard length screws as is necessary with cleat wedges.
  • Multiple cleat wedges can slip; heel wedges do not.
  • If you have multiple pairs of shoes, it’s convenient to transfer your insoles with heel wedges between shoes.
  • Heel wedges contain no heavy metals or dyes.
  • Avoids the problems associated with using mtb cleat wedges or in-shoe wedges.

Our heel wedges are designed to fit the heel cup of any shoe size between size 36 Euro and size 50 Euro. There are cut lines on the wedge, and they can be quickly trimmed to size with scissors.

Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape

What is it?

SILCA NASTRO PILOTI is a 1.85mm thick tape for aggressive riding and racing which provides cushioning equivalent to 2.5mm thick tapes of existing technology. The Asymmetric PILOTI Texture inspired by F1 tire technology allows the tape to be wrapped in either a moderate texture or high texture format depending on preference.

Who’s it for?

NASTRO PILOTI is the ultimate tape for the most discerning, performance minded cyclists. It provides a thinner, more aerodynamic wrap with tunable grip level depending on wrap direction. SILCA Butterfly technology allows for a cleaner, more customizable wrap at the brake lever with minimal bulk or deformation of the hoods.

X/Y Tool

Quickly measure X/Y coordinates to center of saddle rails and center of handlebars in relation to the bottom bracket.
CNC Machined grooves in back for easier adjustments.
Dual bubble levels for increased precision.
Graduations added to measure distance from bottom bracket to saddle nose.
3 bottom bracket adapters included.
Adapters for 26.0 mm handlebars and stack/reach measurements attached.
Purely Custom offers optional custom branding with your company/dealer logo



  • Easy alignment of anatomical landmarks to measure range of motion angles
  • Dual Scale at 1° increments
  • Arms extendable to 28″ and retractable to 8″
  • Magnified reading window
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design