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The much-anticipated Purely Custom Wheel Riser is one of those amazing tools that takes the word versatile to a whole new level. Bike fitter’s love this thoughtfully engineered tool, because the Wheel Riser provides the unique ability to adjust changes in a rider’s elevation from a level bike position all the way up to a 20% grade to simulate climbing conditions. Height adjustments can be made by hand or with the use of a powered driver to make the process even more efficient. This Wheel Riser is designed to accommodate wheel diameters and sizes from 20″ to 29″ and is durable enough to be used for indoor training or pack it along for a pre-race warmup. Bike fitters immediately notice the strength and durability of this product and appreciate the ability to move the Wheel Riser around easily while conducting a bike fitting.

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  • Quickly levels bike on a trainer
  • Change rider position up to a 20% grade
  • Easy height adjustments by hand or powered driver
  • Accommodates wheel diameters from 20″ to 29″
  • Dual purpose – rider positioning or indoor training/pre-race warmup
  • Four precision bearing wheels allow it to adjust itself forward and back with front suspension bikes
  • Purely Custom offers optional custom branding with your company/dealer logo

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 39.4 × 20.5 × 26.7 cm


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