BioMotion Adjustable Cranks



  • Easy installation on most PT bikes
  • Compatible with most square taper bottom brackets
  • Quick crank length adjustment – NO tools needed
  • Adjusts from 5” to 7” (1/4” increments) using a sturdy
    locking rail system that is easy to view
  • Precision CNC machined anodized aluminum

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Knee injuries and replacements are some of the most
common surgeries today. One of the easiest ways to increase
range of motion and strengthen the knee is on a stationary
bike. Unfortunately, these bikes only come with one crank
arm length. The length of the cranks that come on these
bikes only allow you to get the client on the bike when their
range of motion is almost back to normal.

The Purely Custom BioMotion Cranks can get your client on
the bike immediately after surgery. These cranks allow you
to shorten the crank arms to where the client can easily
pedal with a very limited range of motion. As their range of
motion increases you can lengthen the crank arms to match.


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