gebioMized Additional or Replacement Saddle Pressure Mat (WiFi/New style Bluetooth)

Pressure mats can wear over time and reduce sensitivity. We strongly recommend replacing mats after 500-1000 fits, depending on the number of measures per fit and the actual time spent with pressure on the mat.

Replacement mats are also available in multiple sizes – hybrid, TT and wide. They all have the same number of sensors but organise those sensors in a different way. The original hybrid mat was designed predominantly for road and Mountain bike saddles and as such has a gap at the front of the mat with no sensors. The TT version takes sensors from the rear of the hybrid mat and places them at the front to remove this sensor-less gap. The wide mat takes further sensors from the front of the hybrid and places them on the sides, with a wider overall footprint. The wide model is only really necessary for saddles over 155mm wide (i.e 158mm and above)

Please note that when fitting with multiple types of saddle mat, it is incredibly important to use the same mat type for return visits with your client as each mat type will read differently in the software.

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Additional or replacement WiFi saddle mat (excluding transmitter), for use with an existing gebioMized pressure mapping system.

Available in three types for different client-types.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 9 × 9 cm

Hybrid, TT, Wide


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