Fit Bike


Fit Bike Features:

  • Kinetic Smart Control Load Generator
  • All X and Y adjustments can be made safely while rider is in motion
  • Integrated scales quickly show X/Y measurements
  • Single bolt clamps for quick setup and changes for saddles and handlebars
  • Bulls-Eye bubble Levels for Leveling Bike
  • Industrial Grade Linears and Lift Columns
  • Fine Adjustments Made easily with 4mm travel per turn of the handle
  • Purely Custom 155mm-185mm Adjustable Cranks
  • Screw Down Casters for Added Mobility
  • Adjustable Leveling feet
  • Does not include Saddle, Pedals, or Handlebar
  • Purely Custom offers optional custom branding with your company/dealer logo

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Fit Bike

The Purely Custom Fit Bike is the perfect way to start incorporating bike fitting into your business. The Fit Bike is easy to use at an exceptional price point, redesigned and built on the same quality platform you’ll find on each of the Purely Custom Fit Bikes. This wheeled version is equipped with Kinetic Smart Control providing dynamic load generation and the ability to make adjust while the rider is in motion. Properly fitting your customers to their bicycle and improving their efficiency is the personal service that sets a bike fitter apart, builds customer loyalty, and is the key to happy, comfortable cyclists that keep returning. Make all the X and Y adjustments while the rider is in motion and quickly determine measurements with the easy to read integrated scales.
Assembled Dimensions: 76″ Long X 24″ Wide X 37″-53″ Tall
Saddle Clamp X/Y Range: X: 126mm to 325mm, Y: 490mm to 882mm
Saddle Height Range: 560mm to 992mm (Using Saddle with 55mm Rails to top of Saddle Height)
Handlebar Clamp X/Y Range: X: 330mm to 610mm, Y: 450mm to 845mm

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