Fit Bike Pro 1



  • Powerbahn Natural Resistance Unit
  • PureLogic Software
  • Pure Position Web App (1 Year Subscription)
  • Tablet Stand That Swivels and Can Extend to Accommodate Aero Bars
  • Printed Scales to Quickly Determine Saddle Clamp and Handlebar X and Y Coordinates
  • Bulls-Eye Bubble Levels for Leveling Bike
  • Industrial Grade Linears and Lift Columns
  • Fine Adjustments Made Easily with 4mm Travel per turn of the Handle
  • Purely Custom 155mm-185mm Adjustable Cranks
  • Screw Down Casters for Added Mobility
  • Adjustable Leveling feet
  • Does not include Saddle, Pedals, Handlebar, or Tablet
  • Purely Custom offers optional custom branding with your company/dealer logo

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Fit Bike Pro 1

The Purely Custom Fit Bike Pro 1 is the standard for fit bikes in the bicycle fitting community. Developed to the specifications of the top bike fitters in the world. The Fit Bike Pro 1 has resulted in the closest experience to a true ride by integrating technology from PowerBahn. Our load control unit electronically samples and controls load up to 1000 times a second allowing for accurate readings and corrections while the rider is in motion and under cycling conditions. Matched with Pure Logic software, the Fit Bike Pro 1 provides fitters with a new level of analysis to achieve the most accurate fit possible.
The Pure Logic software includes Fitting software and Pedal Analysis. Pure Logic Fitting software was conceived to harness the immense technical analysis potential of PowerBahn resistance technology. This data sampling rate would normally be reserved only for research grade lab equipment until now.

Assembled Dimensions: 65″ Long X 24″ Wide ? 37″-53″ Tall
Saddle Clamp X/Y Range: X: 126mm to 325mm, Y: 490mm to 882mm
Saddle Height Range: 560mm to 992mm (Using Saddle with 55mm Rails to top of Saddle Height)
Handlebar Clamp X/Y Range: X: 330mm to 610mm, Y: 450mm to 845mm

Features include:

  • Control – Manage load, cadence and % grade during any cycling activity
  • Real World Conditions Simulation – When you stop pedaling, PowerBahn coasts like a real bike
  • Real Bicycle Simulation – Shift the Fit Bike Pro 1 like a real bike with electronic shifting
  • Pedaling Analysis Tools – Live spin visualizations and bio-feedback
  • Performance Analysis Tools – Power distribution, power optimization, and symmetry metric
  • Biometric Information – Heart rate
  • Performance Database – Measure, analyze, annotate, and compare pedal stroke analysis sessions

Pedal Analysis offers real data for real cycling efficiency. This software is designed to integrate with the Purely Custom Fit Bike Pro 1 and displays 360 degrees of data with accuracy to see exactly where force is applied to the pedal. Offering right and left output readings, a rider can view pedal pattern for each leg independently. The system can tell how much relative power, duration, and power by degree sustained while pedaling.
This Pedal Analysis is a true advancement to analyzing pedal stroke because it can differentiate between high rpm low torque pedaling and low rpm high torque pedaling for better accuracy than ever before. The display breaks out a visual representation of the data that offers the cyclist and a bike fitter a separate look while pedaling to analyze a rider’s power separating right from left instead of blended into a single display.

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