Cyclologic Education Level 3 Course (online and in-person) – 18-20 Nov 2024, Scottsdale, Arizona


Level 3 bike fitting and cycling analysis

  • Intermediate Anatomy
  • Intermediate Biomechanics
  • Cycling Injuries
  • Saddle Selection
  • Advanced Insole Selection
  • Shoe Selection
  • Pedal Selection
  • Handlebar and Cockpit Selection
  • Advanced Foot Evaluation
  • Weight Distribution

24 hours online, split into bite-size chunks that you can study at times to suit you
24 hours in-person, split over 3 days.

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We’ve fully rewritten our course materials and expanded on both the number of levels and the topics covered, to create a new, comprehensive education system.

Level 3 builds on what you’ve learnt on our level 1 and 2 courses to expand your contact-point knowledge. The course is split into two modules, one delivered online and one in-person. Each module is further split into lessons, which cover topics like intermediate anatomy and biomechanics, cycling injuries (all online) and shoe, saddle, insole and pedal selection, along with advanced foot correction and on-bike weight distribution assessments (in-person). This course also uses both saddle and insole pressure mapping.

This course meets the IBFI’s new common syllabus for bike fitting and is recognised across the globe.


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