Cyclologic Education Level 1 Course (online and in-person) – 5-7 Nov 2022, Scottsdale, Arizona


Level 1 bike fitting and cycling analysis

  • Pre-fit screening
  • Introductory physical assessment
  • Intro to anatomy
  • The basics of a functional position
  • Video capture
  • and much, much more

24 hours online, split into bite-size chunks that you can study at times to suit you
24 hours in-person, split over 3 days.

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We’ve fully rewritten our course materials and expanded on both the number of levels and the topics covered, to create a new, comprehensive education system.

Level 1 is an introduction to bike fitting and provides all the skills required by a retail or early-career fitter. The course is split into two modules, one delivered online and one in-person. Each module is further split into lessons, which cover topics like anatomy, pre-fit interviews and screening, saddle position, cleat position and an introduction to identifying a suitable insole.

This course meets the IBFI’s new common syllabus for bike fitting and is recognised across the globe.

You can download a full list of the course content here


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