Bicycle Saddle Hanger



  • Black anodized aircraft aluminum.
  • Fits most standard slat walls.
  • Purely Custom offers optional custom branding with your company/dealer logo


Bicycle Saddle Hanger is Perfect for your Fit Studio Slat Board

This bicycle saddle hanger is thoughtfully designed to help display a variety of bicycle saddles for easy access.  These saddle hangers are black anodized aircraft aluminum making them lightweight and simple to use.  They fit most standard slat boards and nearly disappear as a saddle is displayed.  No tools required to hang although they come with a screw hole pre-drilled so you can secure them firmly if desired.   Holders are sold individually so you may order exactly what you need to have your fit studio looking organized and professional.

Custom Branding is also available to give your bike fitting studio a professional touch


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