3D Fit Plotter



  • Leica Lino L2® self-leveling laser
  • Laser digital readouts accurate to .1mm
  • Horizontal and vertical sliding support rails
  • Custom sizes available


3D Fit Plotter

Purely Custom’s 3D Fit Plotter makes it easy to achieve X, Y and Z measurements within .1mm of accuracy. This level of accuracy has not previously been available to reproduce a rider’s body geometry from bike to bike to bike. Exceptional for finding handlebars in space, especially for time-trial, triathlon and mountain bikes in consideration of sweep & rise. It has never been easier to give an accurate 3D fit for a rider.

This great new fitting tool is a wall mounted grid that can help a fitter completely document a cyclist and their bicycle. When used with the Purely Custom Fit Platform 360 it will also give the Z coordinate with a 90ᵒ rotation of the platform. It uses a Leica Lino L2® self-leveling laser with an extremely accurate digital readout and wall mounted sliding rails both vertically and horizontally to act as a fitter’s third hand in finding and setting a cyclist’s measurements. It can be used in conjunction with the Purely Custom Fit Platform 360, any Purely Custom Fit Bike or a trainer with a cyclist’s bike. The fitter can also use it to measure body landmarks.


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